Pokémon Star Version

Koral: Oh, Piplup!! I'm so happy I found you!!

Old Woman: You have a mighty fine Piplup there, girlie. What unusual markings it has and it's so polite!

Koral: Thank you! By the way, I'm Koral!

Old Woman: Nice to meet you, Koral. You may call me Mrs. Mae. You and your friend can come join me for tea. Give this to your Pokémon and they will restore health.

*gives tea to Treecko*

*Treecko's health is restored!*

Mrs. Mae: Well, now, you younglings make me happy. It's so good to see young people training Pok�mon. I used to be a trainer back in the day, back when I was young.

Koral: I want to be the best trainer ever! I am willing to battle anyone!!

Mrs. Mae: Have you two battled yet?

You: Koral and me? No, we haven't. We were looking for Piplup.

Koral: Now that I have Piplup back, do you want to battle me?