Pokémon Star Version

Koral: Wow, you were too good for me!

*receives ¥100 for winning*

Koral: Thanks for a great battle!

You: Thank you.

Mrs. Mae: Wow, that was such a good Pokémon battle! You kids will go far with your training. Here, take this to help along the way, as you get more Pokémon.

*receives Exp. Share*

*puts Exp. Share in bag*

Koral and You: Thank you, Mrs. Mae!

Koral: *turns to you* Well, I guess we will be parting ways now. Thank you so much for helping me find Piplup.

You: You're welcome. Thanks for a great battle!

Koral: To thank you, I'd like to give you an extra gift of your choice.

Will you accept it?

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