Sequel To "Am I Still Here?" Pokémon Fan Fiction By BLURSH
Chapter 1/Indeterminate Chapters Up Now

"IT WAS JUST LIKE ANY OTHER DAY, I can remember when she told me the news. I can't tell you how happy I was, but how lost I thought I'd be." Seer explained to a young Eevee with a slight resemblance to him. Cellestria sat nearby, waiting for Seer to begin the story.

"Go ahead, Narrator." Cellestria teased. "Tell it like you were watching from above."

The young Eevee's eager eyes waited for the story to unfold. "Tell, tell. Please, Father!" She begged Seer, her father.

"Fine. I'll tell you about our adventure. It was an adventure of our own, and I don't think it could be more magical." Seer paused. He disguised his voice slightly and began to narrate, as Cellestria had suggested, as if he'd been watching what was happening from afar the whole time."

Seer told his story like this:

"Cellestria had come to be fond of Seer, and he likewise fell in love with her. Cellestria, the blue-eyed Espeon, was never fond of other Pokemon that much, but Seer was different. Since he came to the Ranch as a poor, battered Eevee, Cellestria was drawn to his instintive charm. And, Seer, now a strong, handsome Espeon, was absolutely spellbound by Cellestria's grace.

"'How are you, my dear lady?' Seer asked Cellestria telepathically, a skill he'd learned upon evolution.

"She tilted her head and smiled, her blue eyes blazing like the sun. 'Just fine, my lord.' She answered playfully, batting her eyelashes in an oogling fashion.

"The two sat in the large window of the Ranch's lounge room, soaking in the fine sunlight that streamed through the large oak tree. Morgan walked in the room with a backpack at her shoulders and stopped suddenly, noticing the two Pokemon.

"'Oh, am I interrupting something?' Morgan asked aloud in an almost mocking voice.

"The two lovebirds smiled; Cellestria licked Seer's ear and Seer blushed.

"'What shall I do with you two?' Morgan teased, then sighed. 'Really, what must I do? I'm going away today, my dears, and I can't bring you two along. Would you mind staying at home by yourselves for a few weeks?' Morgan asked them.

"'No, not at all. Perhaps, Seer and I can just take a little trip into the forests for a picnic while you're away, Sister. We can keep busy touring, unless help is needed here." Cellestria's elegant voice telepathically rang into Morgan's ears.

"Morgan shrugged her shoulders. 'I don't see why not. Do as you please. If you need me for anything, I'll be in Fortree City tutoring a special needs student. Cellestria can use her mind waves to find me, if need be the case.' Morgan replied.

"Cellestria and Seer nodded together. Morgan went to a shelf and removed a couple items and put them in her backpack. Before she left the room, she smiled at her Pokemon friends and saw them smiling back.

"'A few weeks to ourselves, Cellestria. What shall we do with the time?' Seer facitiously gazed at Cellestria.

"The two Espeon left the room and exited the Ranch, heading towards to forest, walking with a cheerful beat to their steps. Seer had improved his additude so much since he first arrived. Cellestria's smooth steps and elegant speech obviously rubbed off onto Seer, for now he even spoke with a slight creativeness to his words.

"Over into the forest they strutted, watching the sun go down through the trees. On a small patch of mossy earth, Cellestria sat down, fatigued. She wiped her forehead with her paw.

"'Tired?' Seer asked. He thought of that as odd; Cellestria was always so ready and willing to go an extra mile.

"She nodded her head and licked her paws obsessively. Seer sat beside her with pride that she'd chosen him to be her lifelong friend and mate. He rubbed against her cheek and heard her purring.

"Hours later, Seer watched Cellestra closely. Cellestria seemed slightly uncomfortable, but she urged Seer to fall asleep, for it was getting late.

"'Go ahead, now. Mortals must sleep.' She said to him. Cellestria never went to sleep ever. That was one of the strange things about her. It never bothered Seer before, but at this time, he seemed worried that she wouldn't be able to rest.

"Against his better judgement, he fell asleep, though, and soon gave way to dreaming. While in this deep sleep, Cellestria quietly tiptoed past him and with no more than a squeak...."

"What happened?" The young Eevee demanded when her father slowed down his words for a suspenseful air.

"Just wait, Luna! I'm getting to it." Seer smiled at his daughter, playfully pawing the back of her head.

Cellestria chuckled a bit, covering her mouth with her paw. "Let your father finish, Luna." Cellestria said inbetween laughs.

"May I continue?" He asked his daughter, Luna. She quietly nodded.

Seer continued. "With less than a squeak Cellestria laid an egg. Inside was a beautiful baby Eevee." Seer smiled at Luna as he told his story. Luna smiled. "I'm the beautiful baby Eevee?" Luna asked. Seer nodded. "Beautiful as the moon itself." Seer said, lost in the words for a second. He shook his head slightly and continued. "When Seer awoke, the sun came up. His eyes bulged as he saw a shiny speckled white egg that sat next to Cellestria. " 'What's that?' Seer asked with sheer confusion in his eyes. " 'Our baby.' Cellestria smiled and waited for Seer reaction. " 'What? You? Me? Baby?' He was confused as it sank in. 'That's wonderful!' He was forced to exclaim. He hugged Cellestria and the egg. " 'When it hatches, it'll be a beautiful baby Eevee. Strong-willed and hard-working like her father.' Cellestria said. "The two looked at the egg with pride. 'And beautiful and wise like her mother.' Seer said." "Oh, oh! I know what happens next! I'm born!" Luna yelled and waved her arms. Her father shook his head no. "No. You weren't born for quite some time. It took four months before you were born. I'll get to that, but I was trying to tell you the adventure we had before you were born, first." He smiled. "Yes, we had quite a hard time keeping you safe. So many foes were seeking to capture you, for they sensed you were special." Cellestria piped up. "Really? I didn't know that." Luna admitted. Now feeling special, she grinned and let her father continue the story. "So, what happened next?" She motioned for Seer to continue. "Next...." Seer began. Cellestria flicked her tail up to the moon that was rising in the sky, giving the hint that it was getting late. "Next, Luna had to go to bed." Seer smiled and tucked Luna into her little nest. "What? Ohhhh, Dad.... I wanted to hear the rest!" Luna whinned slightly. "Tomorrow, dearest Luna, your father shall tell you more. But, now you must sleep." Cellestria said, tucking Luna in under the blankets. "But, I'm not tired. I like nighttime. I could stay up all night and hear the story. Pleeeaaase?" Luna begged. Cellestria ignored the begging and walked away with her husband, Seer, to talk a little before Seer, too, would go to sleep. Luna pouted, fussing with a loose string on the blanket that was over her. Thinking it was not fair, but knowing her parents were right, she soon fell asleep as midnight approached.