There you were, my little darling,
Swimming by early in the morning.
I smiled as your blue eyes shined,
And, that's when I was sure, it was time.
Your silky skin a light, bright blue
And your long, strong fins fit you.
Your color strangely changed from the quaggy's slime
Makes you stand out radiantly and sublime.
It was your qualities unique
That made my interests peak.
Your charming voice and your loving face
Captured me up, and my heart embraced.
"You're the one, Vaporeon!" I said.
"I'll be yours forever, cross my heart, I'll be dead!"
I knew you'd love your time at my Ranch.
When you followed me back,
I showed you the Aqua branch,
And boy, did you flip, flop, flip! and loved the trip.
It must have been an easy answer for you,
When I asked you if you'd be mine true.
You had everything to gain, nothing to lose.
In fact, I always love the outcome of what you choose.
You are my noble water Pokemon,
Royal, regal, but a fun-loving son,
In which I'd be lost without a doubt.
As I look in your eyes, I remember that day clear,
You chriped in delight telling me you wanted me near.
From that moment on, we'd be a team for sure,
And from that moment on, our love would endure.
When it came time for a name,
Things would never be the same.
No, they'd be better and excel,
With more stories to tell.
Looking back, I can still see
Your blue eyes shine when you looked at me.
The name on my lips slipped,
Saying "Aquaseasta, Ruler of the Seven Seas!"
Didn't you tackle me with glee,
Lick up my face like a swimming race?
Aquaseasta, you must be happy with me,
Because you are still here, lovingly.
Rain or shine, we shall conquor the world,
One ocean at a time, victories unfurled.