It's a wonderful day! These affectionate baby Pokémon can't wait to start their day at the Pokémon lab. Munchlax stretches and sniffs for more berries. Budew sits in the windowsill in the warm sunshine.

The Pokémon go to play in the professor's garden. These adorable bundles love the fresh air. Azurill splashes in a puddle from the night before. Togepi chases after a pink Vivillon flying by.

Azurill has already finished all his lunch. Wait a minute. Did Munchlax eat all the pokéfood? Meanwhile, Togepi is busy drinking a bottle of moo-moo milk.

There's lots of fun and games in the big playroom. Budew and Munchlax toss a honeycomb-patterned ball back and forth to each other. Togepi plays with egg-shaped matryoshka dolls. Azurill bounces on a bubbly blue trampoline.

It's bath-time for the baby Pokémon. Azurill sprays water in the air. Togepi and Budew cheerily dance in the water as they clean off. Munchlax sits in a bucket of soap, trying to eat the bubbles.

After the long day, the babies settle down for bed. All clean now, with their bellies full from dinner, and all tuckered out from play, they go back into their custom pokéballs. New, exciting adventures will begin tomorrow!