Meet an original fictional character: Akádia who writes Espeon's Diary. This character is written as Pokémon who do human things as a kid, such as go to school, play music, and create art in our modern-day world. Enjoy this first just-for-fun fictional blogs.

May 6, 2024

Dear Diary,

It's my first day of school. I've never been to public school before and I'm super nervous. I've been to private schools and I've homeschooled before. I barely got to sleep last night. I kept going in and out of my Pokéball, but my nerves have got the best of me. My friend Eevee, Larza, said I should write my feelings down in a log or diary like she does. I feel better already!

So I should introduce myself. I'm Akádia, and I'm an Espeon. I'm not too special or anything, but I like writing stories.

Anyway, schooltime! Bye, Diary!



Espeon's Picture Name: Akádia               Pronouns: She/Her
Type: Psychic                Pokémon: Espeon
Age: 8 years old           DOB: August 19

Hobbies: writing, swimming, pottery, dance
Faves: purple, rubies, flowers, sunshine, crafts, fruit, art, friends, school
3 Wishes: peace, friendship, love
In Music Collection: Eisley, Enya, Fleetwook Mac, Aurora