Meet an original fictional character: Rowan who writes Flareon's Journal This character is written as Pokémon who do human things as a kid, such as go to school, play music, and create art in our modern-day world. Enjoy this first just-for-fun fictional blogs.

May 1, 2024th

Hey Journal!

Journal needs name. Journal shall be named... PIE! Let's try again.

Hey, Pie!

Much better! So, getting close to summer break... 6 weeks left. School's easy, but *boring*. The teacher is a super strict disciplinarian that never lets me light things on fire. No fun. I like my Art teacher, Mr. Smeargle, but HR teach, Mr. Mime, is just not my homie. Our Music teacher, Mr. Exploud, is boisterous.

So, Larza told me to start a journal like her. Our friend, Akádia, is going to start one too. Yup. Anyway, hw. G2G.



Flareon's Picture Name: Rowan         Pronouns: He/Him
Type: Fire                 Pokémon: Flareon
Age: 9 years old      DOB: Feb. 25

Hobbies: drawing, playing guitar, lighting things on fire, cooking
Faves: orange(s), red, fire crackers, art, PIE!
Dislikes: water, cake (pie's arch-enemy), pink, polka-dots, Riverdale, cringe culture, and people that are always organized and punctual.
3 Wishes: pie, pie, and more pie!
On iPod: Nirvana, Disturbed, Korn, Pearl Jam, Puddle of Mudd, and other poggers artists.