Enjoy these mad libs. The more random the answers the funnier the outcome! Pyrolaurel and Flaminjava, our two fun-loving Flareon suggest playing with a group of friends!Flaminjava Pyrolaurel

The Waterflowers of Cerulean City

(sirens [onomatopoeia] __________)

[main male protagonist name] __________: The police. Wonder what happened. [secondary male protagonist name]: __________ Yeah.

[main male protagonist name]: __________ [polite phrase] __________ Do you know what happened here?

[random character in a crowd]: __________ [Number] __________ [professional, plural] __________ broke into that [building] __________ last night.

[main male protagonist name]: __________ [same professional, plural] __________, huh?

[female name]: __________ What do you know about [same professional, plural]__________?

[main male protagonist name]: __________ Huh?

[female name]: __________ You two look very [adjective] __________ to me.

[female name]: __________ Hey, you're that [vehicle] __________ [slang term for a police officer] __________ from [town name] __________.

[female name]: __________ Huh? Ah, you must have met my [family member relationship] __________!

If you know my [same family member relationship] __________ , that means you probably had some dealings with the [slang term for a police officer] __________ in [same town name] __________.

[male protag name]: __________ Well, I...

[female name]: __________ Now, maybe you just stopped to ask her for (a/an) [noun] __________, or maybe you found (a/an) [noun] __________ on the street and turned it in to her, or maybe you're a/an [master professional, singular] __________, who broke out of [place] __________ !

[male protag name]: __________ I’ve never been to [place] __________ ! [secondary male protag name]: __________ Neither have I, ma'am.

[female name]: __________ That's what they all say.

[secondary male protag name]: __________ We just got into town and saw the [name of a group of something] __________ so we came over to see what was going on.

[female name]: __________ The [another master professional] always returns to the scene of the [noun] __________ .

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