Clefairy and the Moon Stone

[narrator]: [male protag name] __________ and his friends [verb] __________ toward Mt. [landmark] __________. Many [adjective] __________ and [adjective ending in -ing] __________ tales have been told about this [adjective] __________ place, and the group's about to discover that all of them are true!

[female protag name]: __________ Mt. [previously used landmark] __________! Ah. Doesn't the name sound [adjective]?

[macho male name]: __________ People say that a huge [astrological phenomenon] __________ crashed into the mountain back in [a period of time].

[male protag name]: __________ A [astrological phenomenon] __________! Is it really true?

[macho male name]: The [astrological phenomenon] __________ is called the [previously used landmark] __________ [adjective] __________.

[female protag name]: __________ Ah. Now that's romantic!

[man screams]

[male protag name]: __________ Look! Over there!

[Zubat screeching]

[man screaming still]

[male protag name]: __________ Ah. It's a bunch of Zubat!

[female protag name]: __________ They're [verb ending in -ing] that guy!

[male protag name]: __________ Dexter, analyze!

[Pokedex voice:] Zubat. Flying Pokémon with [adjective] powers, Zubat live in [place noun] and hate to fly outside in [time of day or night].

[male protag name]: __________ Not these Zubat.

[female protag name]: __________ This is no time for [noun]! That guy needs our help!

[male protag name]: __________ You're right. I'm sorry.

[male protag name]: __________ Pikachu! Thundershock!

[Pikachu]: __________ Pi...kachu!

[electricity [verb ending in -ing] __________]


[male scientist name]: __________ Ah. Oh. Ah.

[male protag name]: __________ Ah. Are you okay?

[male scientist name]: __________ Wow! You guys are the [superlative adjective __________]!

[male protag name]: __________ Really, it was nothing.

[male scientist name]: __________ I'm talking [made up word that means super-awesome] __________! I mean, [phrase that expresses approval] __________! The best [verb] __________ I've ever had!

Showdown of Pewter City

[hard-core male name]: __________ (mumbles) [city name] __________ is [color] __________, the color of [hard objects] __________. This town has always been famous for [similar hard objects] __________.

[male protag name]: __________ Huh? What the...?

[female protag name]: __________ Who's this old guy?

[male protag name]: __________ Never met him.

[hard-core male name]: __________ The name's [hard-core male name] __________. And you're [verb ending in -ing] __________ sitting on some of my [collective noun], young man.

[male protag name]: __________ Oh, sorry!

Uh, you mean you sell rocks?

[hard-core male name]: __________ They're [city] __________ [plural noun]. Want to [verb] some?

[male protag name]: __________No, thanks. I'm [verb ending in -ing] __________, trying to become a Pokémon [professional occupation] __________.

[hard-core male name]: __________ Uh-huh. Well, your Pokémon sure looks [adjective] __________. Why don't you [verb] __________ me? I'll show you to the Pokémon [town building] __________.

[male protag name]: __________ See, looks can be [verb ending in -ing] __________. He's a [adjective]__________ guy.

[female protag name]: __________ Are you sure?

[hard-core male name]: __________ By the way, that'll be a $2 charge for [verb ending in -ing] __________ on my [other hard objects] __________.

[male and female protag name]: __________ & __________ [exclamation of shock] ____________________ !

Challenge of the Samurai Boy!

[narrator]: As his [gerund] __________ began, [male protag name] __________ , our [synonym for hero] __________ from [town or city] __________ , chose Pikachu, a Pokémon who wasn't too [past-tense verb] __________ with its [adjective] __________ trainer. A(n) [animal group name] __________ of [adjective] __________ [Pokémon] __________ nearly finished them off, but the [adjective] __________ Pikachu saved the [time of day] __________ with its thunder shock [noun] __________ .


(Everyone almost [present-tense verb] __________ over in disbelief when they see Pikachu [verb ending in -ing] __________.)

[male protag name]: __________ Let's go, Pikachu.

[Pikachu]: Pikachu.

[male protag name]: __________ [grunts]

[male protag name]: __________ Ah, taking a [noun] __________, huh? Okay, [verb] __________, you [verb] __________.

[male protag name]: __________ There's still Pidgeotto and Metapod to do the [noun] __________, and they give me the [noun] __________ I deserve.

[female protag name]: __________ You deserve to have your [body part] __________ examined.

[2nd male protag name]: __________ Remember, [male protag name] __________ , a(n) [professional title] __________ must earn the [another word for respect] __________ of the Pokémon. The Pokémon doesn't just give its trainer [another word for respect again] __________ right out of the [type of ball] __________.

Ash Catches A Pokemon

[female protag name] __________: [male protag name] __________, you're acting like a... [onomatopoeia for disgust]

[male protag name]: __________ Look. Inside this [spherical object] __________ is the very first Pokémon I ever [past-tense verb] __________. In my whole entire life!

[female protag name]: __________ [sarcastic phrase] __________ Just keep it [directional adverb] __________ from me, will you?

[male protag name]: __________ You're not afraid of an [size adjective] __________ [bug] __________ in a [spherical object] __________, are you?

[female protag]:__________ [plural animal] __________ get me all bugged out, even when they're in a [spherical object] __________. Just keep it [directional adverb] __________]!

[male protag name]: __________ I like [plural animal] __________ even if they're not in [spherical objects] __________. It must be great for a [bug] __________ inside the [spherical object] __________ all [adjective] __________ and [adjective] __________ inside there. I love my new little Pokémon.

[female protag name]:__________ I guess it takes a [bug] __________ to [verb] __________ a [bug] __________.

Pokemon Emergency!

narrator: Last time, [male protag name] __________, our hero from [town name] __________, chose [fantasy creature name] __________, a Pokémon who was not too [adjective] __________ with its new trainer. Soon they found themselves [verb ending with -ing] __________ off a flock of [adjective] __________ Spearows. [previously-named fantasy-creature name] __________ saved the day with its amazing [weather phenomenon] __________ shock, but the electrifying encounter left [previously-named fantasy creature] __________ weak and his fate in [possessive male protag] __________ hands.

[previously-named fantasy-creature name] __________: [disguntled noise] __________

[male protag] __________: We beat 'em.

[previously-named fantasy creature name] __________: Chu...?

police woman over speakers: Attention, citizens of [city name] __________ City. Attention, citizens of [city name] __________ City. We have reports of possible Pokémon thieves in our area. Be on the lookout for suspicious-looking strangers. Repeat, be on the lookout for suspicious looking...
Huh? Speak of [villain name] __________.

([male protag] __________ [verb] __________)

police woman: Hold it. And just where do you think you're going with that Pokémon, [adjective] __________ [noun] __________!

[male protag] __________: It's my Pokémon, and its [adjective] __________. And I've got to get it to the [place] __________ [time order word] __________!

police woman: [an apologetic phrase] __________. I thought you might be [verb ending in -ing] __________ it.

Pokémon, I Choose You!

Narrator: [first and last name] _______ ______ is a [gender] ______ from [town or city] _____________.
[previously used first name] ______: And now that I'm [age] ____, I can finally get my Pokémon [noun] _____.
Narrator: [previous age]____-year-olds can receive a beginning Pokémon from their local Pokémon [profession] _________. In [previously used first name] ________'s case, [professional title] ______ [tree name] ______.
[previously used first name] ______: I will journey to gain the [trait] _______ of Pokémon [verb ending in -ing] _________. And I hereby declare to the Pokémon of the [location] ________. I will be a Pokémon [occupation] _________. Pokémon [same occupation] __________! That is what I'll ....
[female first name] _______ [previously used last name] ______: [Previously used first name] ______, get to [noun] _______ ! It's [time on the clock] __ o'clock and you should be [verb ending in ing] ____.
[previously used first name] _____: But [day] ________ I begin my Pokémon [noun] ______ -- I can't [verb] ______.