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Nature Ornaments


1. Take a fist-size amount of air-drying clay and roll it into a ball. Use the flat bottom of a cup to flatten it into a circle.

2. Pick what you would like to make an imprint of. It can be a flower or a leaf of a fern, for example. Gently press it into the flattened circle of your clay for a few seconds. Peel the plant away, careful not to leave any behind.

3. Next, use the skewer to poke a hole near the top (where you want your ribbon to go through when it's hanging.) Make sure the hole is big enough you will be able to get your ribbon through.

4. Let your project air dry for as long as the directions say. (Be sure to carefully package any leftovers for future projects.)

5. Now you may paint a thin layer over your ornament, if you would like and let it air dry again.

6. Finally, your project is dry and you can tie your ribbon through it and see it hung up!

Fall-Time Sensory Soup


1. First, pick a bucket or a pot to fill with your fall-time items. Now throw all your dry items inside.

2. Second, fill with water and start stirring until the aroma begins to release into the air.

3. Let the smell take you away as you stir around and around. How do you feel as you smell it? What does it remind you of? **If you have a parent's help and permission, put in a large pot and lightly simmer on the stove like real soup so the smell permeates everywhere! This "soup" is not for eating, only for smelling purposes. **

Recycled Watering Can

Supplies: Directions:

1. Clean out your milk jug thoroughly. Remove labels.

2. With an adult's help or supervision, carefully heat up a needle's tip for a few seconds.

3. With help still, careful not to push into your hand or fingers, push the needle through the flat top of the lid and make 15-20 spread out holes.

4. Fill with water or water and appropriate amount of fertilizer. Reattach the lid and use to your water plants!

Optionally, you can decorate the outside of your jug with waterproof paint or waterproof stickers to personalize your watering can!

Micro-greens Planter

Make your small pet a micro-green planter!