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I Am The Walrein

A Parody of "I Am The Walrus" by The Beatles, produced by Parlophone Records 1967.

I'm a Spheal, Sealeo, Horsea, Staryu, Starmie, and Froakie are all water
See fire types run when I use water gun
See how I dive

Sitting in a Dive Ball
I might just eat a Magikarp
Wooper's Muddy Water
Lumineon's Rain Dance
Poor little Azurill,
Really wishes he had arms.

I'm water egg type (whoo!)
Also I'm field egg. (whoo!)
I am the Walrein (whoo!)
Chinchou Pichu!

Mantine, Lotad, or the Poli's: Wag,
Whirl, toed, & wrath. Why isn't Psyduck psychic?
Instead of water? Flying! Like Lugia in the sky
Or Drag-al-ge
I'm Withdrawing...

Waterfall or rain dish
Dripping in a Ludicolo
Shiny Red Gyarados
Staryu flies all around
Some sort of psychic UFO.

I'm not Exxegcute (whoo!)
He's not Exxegutor (whoo!)
I am the Walrein (whoo!)
Chinchou Pichu!

Sitting on that bridge in Hoenn
Waiting for a bite
If a bite don't come
Use a Lure Ball and catch a Luvdisc or two

I'm not a Dewgong (whoo!)
They're not Seel either (whoo!)
I am the Walrein (whoo!)
Chinchou Pichu!

Lapras, Gorebyss, Mudkip Corphish
Don't you think the Feebas splashes too?
See how they surf,
Like Mega-Swampert
See how they brine
I'm diving...

Crabhammer Crawdaunt
Clamping physical tough Kingler
Empoleon Prinplup bubble beaming Piplup
Squirtle you'll have seen him soaking
Manaphy and Phione

I am the Ice Break (whoo!)
They are the Ball Roll (whoo!)
I am the Walrein (whoo!)
Chinchou Pichu!

Pi-Pikachu! Rai-Rai-Pichu! Pichu Raichu!


A Parody of "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus, produced by RCA Records 2013.

You scratched, I growled, use sing, use howl
Use fly, never asking why
Sweet kiss, I fell under your spell
Attract: no move could I try

I wish I could say, you used run away
You will always want me
If I'm startled fast, escape to the tall grass
But you will always want me

You caught me in a pokéball
I hadn't realized I'd lost
All I wanted was to faint your Raltz
All you wanted was to catch me
Yeah, to catch me

If they can't fly up in the sky
Earthquake will bring them crashing down
Moves I've learned, like ember burns
Because I'm combo fire/ground

Don't you start a fight, without me by your side
I'll always battle for you
The dessert I left behind, training is my life
I'll always battle for you

And then you throw a pokéball
I have to hit them just enough
I'll dodge his surf and waterfall
And together we caught him

You caught me in a pokéball
Did you see me just Mega-Evolve?
If you loose it's Blaziken's fault
Together we will wreck them all,
Yeah, we'll wreck them

I never meant to journey far
I just wanted to graze in peace
But instead of using force
You tossed that ball so gently
But now you and I journey far
I've leveled up a lot since then
Now I'm glad that we're friends

I'm glad I can say, you didn't use run away,
I will always choose you

You caught me in a pokéball
I just one-up-ed you and used seismic toss
Together we will catch em' all.
Because this Camerupt is boss!
Yeah, you, you caught me
Yeah, you, you caught me


A Parody of "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea, produced by Island Records 2014.

First gen first I'm the heal-ist. (heal-ist?)
Drop this potion and you'll feel it (let them feel it)
And I'm in medical profession.
Nurse Joy'll hold you down, I'll give TM injections.
You should want a normal type like this
To restore your HPs and PPs like this
Little happy, little luck, little bliss
When I evolved I remembered just how to sweet kiss.
Taking all the injured pocket monsters that.
Need assistance we bring on a stretcher back.
If I tail whip where's your attack at?
Just you flinch and I'll double slap that

I'm so Chansey
You already know
I'm in Poke Centers, from Kanto and then Johto
I'm so Chansey
Not playing silver or gold?
You will find me in the safari zone.

Pouched eggs, I raise them, on my intuition.
Can't stand no haters of any evolution.
Happiny is tiny, I'm green when I'm shiny.
I would gladly have Jessie to me as Delia is to Mimey.
I can give you a healing wish, smile to cheer up.
And something soft boiled to put in a giant egg cup.
So I might get wings if we're friends, it kind of depends.
On whether you prefer puffy curls over pinkish split ends.
Now tell me, who said, who said? That new egg, new egg
Something only me and Exxegcute had, 'Cute had.
I be the E-G-G-Y, put my name in bold
I been workin' on my Pound with an Egg Bomb to throw.

I'm so Chansey
You already know
I'm in Poke Centers, from Kanto and then Johto
I'm so Chansey
Not playing silver or gold?
You will find me in the safari zone.

In beauty contests,
Let's use charm and win this thing.
Make a defense curl.
And at level 31 I can learn sing.
Keep on leveling up.
Chandelure can never hold a candle to us.
You like, I can do a heal pulse!
Classic, pink, but not Jigglypuff! OW!

I already got an egg when I hatch.
Got the professors asking how I does that.
I'm watching the egg, don't touch that.
You got your Pokeball just wishing you could catch that.
Female only species, huh?
We're so helpful you just might breed these, huh?
Never turn down chance,
In Japan I'm lucky, but in English I'm like...

I'm so Chansey
You already know
I'm in Poke Centers, from Kanto and then Johto
I'm so Chansey
This egg is whole.
If you're nice I'll give you an oval stone.