Stareon's Hideout started circa 2004, but long before that, it was a figment of our imaginations. Back when only Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Eevee were part of the Eon family, back in generation 1 of Pokemon, in the forests of Connecticut and the hills of Vermont, playing as a kid with shadows and finger puppets, Stareon was a simple idea that eventually blossomed with each new Eeveelution that came out.

Previous Stareon Design
Stareon's Evolution

The idea of the site was to combine the mythical aspects of this beloved Poke-fake with the love of the Eons, the love of Pokemon and the fandom, to create a creative kid-safe site with a magical backstory. However, every time the site launched, something tragic in real life seemed to take us away from the site. Therefore, for over 15 years, it has been a very tough life indeed. We have always had fantasy as an escape and have never wanted to abandon it completely, despite very low lows. Now the website once again pays homage to childhood creativity, how magic begins with ideas, and our love of all things Eevee and its evolutions.

Stareon's first design on the site was a white body with the stars on the back and the star on it paw, star shield on its face and tail. It could only evolve from a shiny Eevee during a certain celestial event/alignment of the stars and exposure to a fragment of space stone brought from Cleffairy. With the new launching of the site and the help of some new blood, we've come up with a new design, origin, and evolution for Stareon while honoring the old design.

Let's start with evolving. With all the new ways of evolving Pokemon, we wanted to try out something new for Stareon. Stareon is still elusive. You can only get one if you have a shiny white Eevee. But, our Poke-fake Stareon is a type of Mega-evolution! And, not a typical one at that. To obtain one according to our mythos, during a battle, you give/sprinkle on your shiny Eevee a stardust (those items you would otherwise find useless.) This magically transforms Eevee into Stareon, the 9th evolution of potential.

Previously, the type was [???] but now you get to choose the type from one of the 8 Eons + normal type of Eevee since it contain's in its DNA the ability to change type, much like Kecleon, but choose wisely, because you can only do this once! That ends your turn.

On your next turn you will see, depending on which type you chose your move set will have changed from your Eevee. The following chart will explain what 4 moves each Mega-evolved Stareon type has for the next 4 turns:

Normal Type: Swift, Tri Attack, Metronome, Nature Power
Water Type: Swift, Aqua Tail, Sparkling Aria, Double-Edge
Electric Type: Swift, Bolt Strike, Thunder Punch, Quick Attack
Fire Type: Swift, Blast Burn, Flamethrower, Scratch
Psychic Type: Swift, Future Sight, Prismatic Laser, Refresh
Dark Type: Swift, Bite, Dark Pulse, Guillotine
Grass Type: Swift, Magical Leaf, Shoot for the Stars Leaf Storm, Constrict
Ice Type: Swift, Aurora Beam, Sheer Cold, Disable
Fairy Type: Swift, Moonblast, Moonlight, Double Slap

The origin of how Stareon was discovered was supposedly during a lab accident in Hoenn when junior lab assistant Miguel Willow's shiny Eevee, Ghost, was playfully riffling through a bag of unattended stardust on a desk. Suddenly, it fell on the Eevee, coating it with the sparkly powder. Eevee began glowing. This got the attention of everyone in the room!

In this short period of time, Willow and the other scientists began to notice that the new Eevee now was able to do extraordinary and powerful moves, even ones they had thought previously were specific to one or two Pokemon. The effects of the changed form and moves only lasted for a matter of minutes, though. Therefore, the scientists began to search far and wide for more stardust to cause this forced evolution and record what happened during battle.

He noted this special evolution did not work on regular Eevee, but only on the elusive white, shiny Eevee. Willow named the new evolution Stareon, and he went travelling to search for more shiny Pokemon to see how they would be affected by stardust, star shards, and other fragments from space.

So what does Stareon look like? A white body like the shiny Eevee, stars and moons clustered on the back and neck, sprayed out like beauty marks and constellations, a crescent moon on its paw, a glittering mane that changes color with its type, three braided tails like Tauros with stars near the tip, and a brave and bold-looking gold shield across its forehead between its rabbit-like ears.

Stareon's New Design

The old Stareon page, StarEoncyclopedia is archived here.