Hey, Jolteon, my stead!
You're here when I'm in need,
Racing and pacing, and being so cool,
You're so suave, you make others look like a fool.
I couldn't help but fall in love with your personality,
Your charm, your looks, and your sweet smile--a sure fatality.
You are so debonaire, you make other things seem austere.
You make up your own rules, calling others gouls,
Yep, you've got spunk, kid!
But, no, I'd never get rid of you.
Wasn't it a windy day outside when I first met you?
Sparks were flying, that's how I knew we'd have a friendship that's true!
A jester, a joker, a walker, a talker,
You're fine with the gals and got lots of pals.
It's a bit of a show, but in my heart I know,
And, yes, I remember, when I met you in November.
You put all your fronts away that day,
Proudly marched over to my side,
When you heard me say,
"I shall call you Zapdoticor!"
And, from that moment on, forever more,
We became the best of friends,
Forever after, and to the end.
Zapdoticor, I got a jolt for your affection!
It can't go by without detection.
I smile with glee everytime you look at me.
Zapdoticor, our friendship is electric!