A touch of the life of Little Eevee.
In memory of her and me.
It's just you and me,
My Little Eevee.
Remember when we used to run through the grass,
And lift up our laugh
To the Heavens above,
The only place where they could understand our love.
Yes, it was around when I was five
That my life came alive
Because you entered into it.
And now as I sit, twenty years later,
I remember when times were better.
When you and I used to fly without wings
And run without feet,
And our goals we would always meet.
Our imagination was alike,
And your mind would always strike
A perfect fantasy.
So, you see, you and me
Were the perfect pair.
It's too bad life isn't like our imagination,
Or you would still be here.
I loved you, Little Eevee, very much, my dear.

Sad, but true, and the worst is that it could happen to any one of you.
I greatly wish tragedies would dispel themselves to the grave
But that's not what Evil gave. But, remember that even though Little Eevee is gone,
She's still here in my heart; we are never alone.