My little Espeon,
So gentle and pure,
It's gotta be true love, for sure.
So good and kind,
My little Espeon links with my mind.
Her serene grace, her flowing pace
Her big bright eyes,
Her splendid cries.
I found her on a road, all alone.
She was by herself, without a place to call home.
I took her under my wing,
And from that day on I heard her sing.
We learned how to fight, she learned not to bite.
We learned how to chase; she had such a quick pace.
One day, though, she decided to go
On an adventure of her own.
She ran through the fields. I could have sworn she'd flown.
She found a giant Butterfree and she gave it to me,
But more than that, she wanted words to form.
So she closed her eyes and made a disguise of a purplish-gray haze,
Her mind with mine went through a maze in a daze.
And then it was there, clear as the sun,
She said those three words that gave us much fun.
She stopped to say, "love You!"
And that's when I knew, yes, that's when I knew,
That I had said it, too.
That's when I knew that she was different and needed a name.
So I stopped to think and the only word that came
Was Cellestria. "What a fine name!" I was forced to exclaim.
So I told my dear Espeon her little name and she said to me,
"My sister, My mother! Where did you find such a darling name?
Of all the names that ever did come, where did you find that one?
It expresses me so perfectly.
Thank you, indeed
For giving me the name I did need!"
I smiled and grinned,
Knowing I hadn't sinned
In picking the perfect name for the perfect Pokemon.
I knew that my little Espeon belonged to me,
And Cellestria would always be,
My kindred friend and my sunlight buddy,
Even in the rain when we got muddy.
And even in the darkest storm,
My Espeon would change the norm.
She'd glow and pace,
And sing all over the place,
Being better than the rest.
Still, our true friendship will have the ultimate test.
Our time will soon be,
Sooner still, maybe,
When the test will arise
That will surely surprise
Those critics to demise
Any satisfaction from our plight
Of day and night.
We will indeed forever flourish, like a weed,
But never be cut off
For we won't scoff
At others that are down
But instead always lend a helping hand around.
For Espeon and I,
We'll reach for the sky,
Helping those in need,
Forming a good word and a kind deed.
My little Espeon is mine alone
From the day her eyes had shone
On me when I found her by the road
And carried her poor load
Into my heart and into my mind
For she is the most precious of any fine find.
A friend when needed and a love when alone,
Her eyes and smile in my heart always shone.
A purple and blue light from the sky
Are her graceful eyes that on mine did lie
And did thrust me away on that fine day.
Oh, Cellestria, My love,
How you shine like the sun from above.
Dear Cellestria, may courage ne'er leave me
And may our love always stay true,
Your love to me and mine to you.

A Poem For My Espeon, Cellestria, Who Changed My Life
The Moment Our Eyes Caught Sight Of The Changing Light.
A Poem Of The Love And War That All Must Face
In A Hurried But Dignified Pace.
I Wrote This Poem, Mind You Alone,
About Life And Strife In A Way Only A Poke-Fan Would Know.
In A Cold World, It's Always Nice To Come Home
To A Kindred Spirit Like Dear Little Espeon Who's Heart is Warm.
Who Is A Better Companion Than Your Most Trusted Pokemon
Who loves You and You Alone?