Once my sweet Eevee, innocent and bright,
Was suddenly changed into a Child of the Night.
Yes, Eevee did evolve into a grandiose Umbreon,
Who lives for the moonlight and creeps in the dark.
Though, his pace throughout life remains rather stark,
The pale white eyes cannot go without a remark.
When Eevee was born in front of my eyes,
I instantly notice his personality was a surprise.
He's always acted a little gothic,
But never did I understand his eyes that were melodic.
From the time of birth,
He's always been of mirth,
Yet, still contains mystery. He's come to be close to me,
And I can't forget how he loves Cellestria, too.
The two of them are inseparable and perhaps it's because they both are rare in form.
Cellestria, my Espeon, with blue eyes out of the norm, And Umbreon with his white eyes instead of red,
Have always been friends, promising to hold fast to each other until they are dead.
Besides Espeon and Umbreon, though,
I've always wanted to be the perfect trainer, always ready to go,
And to be a good friend of Pokemon, through wind, rain, and snow!
We have been close friends, Umbreon and I,
And the closeness we share must never tear.
One day when training with Umbreon, the great shadow stalker,
I could have sworn I'd seen him walk to her with a sparkle in his eyes,
And that's when a name came that I couldn't resist saying.
So I called Umbreon over and told him what name I wanted for him.
"The name I wish for you is Starnestra. And I believe it is a fine name,
Just as fine of a name as Cellestria's name, unique and pure of the essence of you.
Do you find it to your liking, Child of the Night?"
And Umbreon shook his head with glee and smiled at me.
Cellestria stood but a few feet away and opened her mind to mine to say,
"Dear Mother, dear Sister! You have done it again.
First, you gave a beautiful name to me and now one to my friend.
You must be wise indeed, for Umbreon needed that name. What a fine deed!"
That is what my dear Espeon said with much happiness and not a bit of dread.
To me, naming your Pokemon is a memorable time
And I don't think I can ever forget the names in this rhyme.
So, from that day on, Starnestra was his official name,
And together we have battled any evil that came
Trying to fight against the innocent and the weak,
Together, Starnestra and my Eevee defend those whom help do seek.
Since we saved our first Pokemon from "The Heartless Three,"
We have promised to forever be
Friends to the end and to always defend
The weak and helpless.
And never do we stress
About our lives' little mundane pursuits,
For we always have bigger adventures at hand.
Together we stand, Starnestra and I, hand in hand,
Learning from each other the secrets of life.
Where would I be without my Little Umbreon?
I would surely be lost in a world of darkness
Without the Child of the Night's aura and glow.
Oh, Starnestra, My Child,
How your pale eyes glow like the moon,
And your yellow rings shine like the sun.
May we stay together forever!