Pokémon Fan Fiction By BLURSH

Summary: Ash is all by himself and decides to contact Misty's e-mail address after she sends him a message about a Marine Clean-up program she's in. Though, Ash has had, let's say, a crush on Misty since he first met her years ago, you can't help but wonder if Misty feels the same.

Through the computer, Ash and Misty talk to each other, sharing their fears and confidences. Ash begins to think that there can be something between them, but when he expresses to her that he's going to visit her gym one week in the summer, she has to break his heart.

Unlike other AAMR, "Online Love" exposes the seriousness of how people can become attached to each other without even seeing each other. It's a danger and a heart break, as Ash has learns this time, to never become involved with someone over the internet.

Part I
A Message From The Water Maiden

It was six days since Brock, May, and Max had left Ash alone. Ash was at a Pokémon Center in Hoenn with Pikachu and sat on the top bunk of the bed humming to himself. Ash looked at Pikachu, who was playing Yatzee with Blissey, who was on her snack break.

Nurse Joy came in the room.

"Ash, the computer is all set up if you need to use it." She said to him. He nodded and smiled, getting down from the top bunk. "Blissey, break time's over." Nurse Joy looked at Blissey.

Pikachu sadly watched his new friend, Blissey, leave the room and followed Ash as he headed toward the computer.

"Pika-pi?" Pikachu asked. Ash sat down on the chair next to the PC and used the mouse to click on an icon. He hit enter and a window popped up on the desktop. "Pika-pi?" Pikachu asked again, getting annoyed that Ash was ignoring him for so long.

Ash didn't answer Pikachu, but instead typed in his name and a six-letter password. Pikachu turned to leave and was stopped by a sound.

"You have one new message." A strange voice said. Pikachu stared at the screen to figure out how a person could fit inside of a computer. Pikachu watched as Ash clicked on an icon of a white mailing envelope and another window popped up.

"Water_maiden@pokenet.net? Who's that?" Ash questioned and proceeded to open up the e-mail. "Misty?" He laughed. He'd given her his e-mail address so long ago and she'd never contacted him. A smiled purged through his tired face.

He read her letter aloud and Pikachu decided to listen to it instead of bothering Blissey while she was working. The letter read:

" Hey, Ash. This is Misty, yes, your long-gone red haired friend. I haven't forgotten you guys. I just finished a project to help water Pokémon live in cleaner habitats in Cerulean and I saw Richie. He came to help and he asked about you and Brock. So I felt obligated to contact you and find that out.

" How are you and Brock? You still traveling with May and Max? If you ever have any time, you should bring May and Max to Cerulean. I know it's out of the way by a long shot, but, with our new Marine projects, I thought Max or maybe even May might enjoy it. And you guys can help us clean up on the weekends. Hehe. Just kidding.

" Anyway, tell Brock and May and Max about it and consider it. I always have extra room at the gym.

" From the Cerulean Gym,

Misty Waterflower

Ash blushed slightly and clicked on the "REPLY" icon on the screen. Pikachu rolled his eyes and went downstairs to keep Blissey company.

A blank window appeared and then the cursor blinked. Ash stretched his hands and placed them on the keyboard and typed the subject "Hi, Misty. Good 2 hear from u."

He started to typed his introduction and then let out a deep breath.

He typed:

"Misty! i thought u'd lost my e-mail. i never hear from u. anyway i'd luv 2 visit & help u out with that marine project u have goin but i can't answer 4 Brock, May, & Max. they left about 6 days ago. May & Max went back 2 Littleroot & Brock is slowly workin his way back 2 Pewter. :-) i can try e-mailing May & Max 2 c if they'd like 2 visit u. Brock i'm sure is making a stop @ prof. Ivy's house before he heads back home. :-) anyway, i'd like 2 visit u sometime & catch up on what we've missed. i've caught quite a bit of new pokemon. i'd like 2 c what new water pokemon u have gotten recently. ok, bye. ----------Ash Ketchum."

Ashwaited for a second. "Should I say From Ash or Love Ash or just keep it like that?" He thought to himself for a few more seconds, then decided to leave it as it was and clicked on an icon on the screen that said "SEND." The computer talked to him once again. "Your message has been successfully sent."

Ash smiled. "I bet Misty's at the computer right now. She'll send me a message back right...right...right...n-n-n-oooow." He slowly said, waiting for the screen to light up and say he had another message, but the screen remained unchanged.

Ash stared at it for a second more then wiped the drool off of his chin and clicked the icon marked as "COMPOSE" and the same mailing window appeared. He wrote down who he was sending the new message to and a subject and then clicked the tab key.

"To:May <torchick_girl10@pokenet.net>, Max <smartkid1000@pokenet.net>" was typed into the appropriate "TO" box.

Ash wrote "Subject: visit 2 Kanto?" as his subject.

He typed:

"May & Max. i just got an invite from Misty 2 go 2 Cerulean for a water cleanup project and she invited u guys. get back 2 me as 2 whether or not u want 2 go. u'll probably have 2 get permission from ur mom & dad, but u can tell them u'll be with me & they'll probably let u 2 go. ok, that's the news. get back 2 me soon. bye, Ash. "

Ash didn't think twice about a formal ending, but clicked on "SEND" and waited. The computer once again told him that his message was successfully sent. There were no more messages so Ash decided to sign off and get some dinner. He stood up from the desk and stretched. When he got downstairs, he saw Nurse Joy cleaning the counters and Blissey and Pikachu scrubbing the floor. Pikachu dried after Blissey scrubbed with a soapy sponge.

"Pikachu, are you gettin' hungry? I'm going to get something to eat at the diner across the street. Do'ya wanna come?" Ash asked to Pikachu, who started actively ignoring Ash after he'd heard Misty's name in the e-mail. Pikachu didn't look up, but instead continued to dry the floor with the rag that he had in his paw.

Nurse Joy looked up, concerned. "Oh, he'll be fine. I'll get the two of them dinner. Don't worry." She said to Ash, trying to not make Ash feel bad that Pikachu was being moody.

Ash nodded slightly and left the Pokemon Center with his head bowed down low. He checked before he crossed the street and walked into a diner. He sat down at a booth and picked up the menu to see what he wanted. A waitress walked over, smiling, and cheerfully asked him if he was ready to order.

"Umm, fish sticks and fries, I guess. And a Coke." He said to her. She wrote down what he said and picked up his menu and headed toward the kitchen.

The diner was mostly empty and Ash felt oddly alone. He'd always had Brock and May and Max to keep his mind off of Misty or at least to keep him company. Ash took his hat off and put it on the table. He ran his hands through his black hair and closed his eyes, thinking of what he could do tomorrow.

"I... can.... I can train a little with Pikachu and my other Pokemon. That way, maybe Pikachu won't be so mad at me for being a bit rude the past couple days." He thought. A glass was set on his table. He opened his eyes to see the brown, bubbly beverage in front of him. He bent the straw and took a sip. "Maybe, Misty'll send me an e-mail tomorrow." Ash thought, trying to cheer himself up.

The waitress came back a few minutes later with Ash's fish sticks and fries. Ash picked up a fry and, just as he was going to eat it, saw a yellow object run by. Ash turned around to see that Pikachu was climbing into the seat across the table from Ash. Ash smiled as Pikachu reached for the plate and grabbed a golden French fry and greedily ate it.

"Nice of you to join me, buddy." Ash said. Pikachu still was actively ignoring Ash, but seemed to bear his presence. Ash laughed and took a bite out of a fish stick. The waitress walked by again and Ash waved for her to come over. "Could you get a plate of Pokéfood and fries for my Pikachu, too?" He asked the woman. She smiled and walked back to the kitchen.

Pikachu looked up with an ashamed look on his face. "Pika-pika. Pi-pika-pika-pi-pikachu." He said. Ash smiled and petted Pikachu's head, though, he didn't know that the literal translation of what Pikachu just said was, "I'm sorry. Can I get a diet soda, too?"

The two of them ate in silence when Pikachu's meal came. Pikachu was, no doubt, dreaming of Blissey, and Ash was definitely thinking about Misty. (Two guys in a diner thinking about pretty girls. Well, there have been more unoriginal things in the world, I guess, but this doesn't happen to Pikachu too often so I found it kind of important.)

Then, Ash paid the bill and left to go back to the Pokemon Center and get some rest. Pikachu ran ahead of Ash and pretended to be asleep when Ash reached their room.

Ash looked at Pikachu and sighed. "I guess, I deserve that. I wasn't answering you before, huh, Pikachu?" Ash said, but Pikachu still pretended to be sleeping. After Pikachu's obnoxious snoring died down, Ash was able to fall asleep.