Dance, Dance, Dance!
Prance, Prance, Prance!
You are such a sly snot,
As you walk by, putting others in a knot!
Yes, you come off, like you are something else,
But I don't mind because I know in myself,
The true you.
Flickering Flames Fly!
Dazzling Sparkle In Your Eye!
For a show, you'll do anything,
Even shout and sing.
Yup, you act like a king,
But, I know the real you inside,
The you that you try to hide.
Kick, Bite, Scratch!
You want all others off your back!
You must be radiant, you say,
For muddy weather ruins your day.
But, I've seen you in the thick of smoke,
Not caring about looks or any other bloke.
You fight and bite and show tough stuff.
You run and canter and careen,
And make such a wonderful scene.
How you glow as you run,
As bright as the firey sun.
Flareon, you sly fox,
I got your number in my box!
Yes, I know who the real you is.
I don't have to be some Pokemon wiz.
I was there in the laurel fields that day,
It was a warm sunny day in May.
You were a red hot flame,
And over to me you came.
With your bright green eyes,
You didn't disguise yourself.
Yes, I could see the child in you and me.
In one moment, I hugged you tight,
And said, "I'll bring you home tonight."
But, nope, you followed me home, right then and there,
Walking proudly by my side, without a care.
I could see the true you was caring and kind.
And, I could see that the two of us would bind.
But, boy, did you give all my friends a hard time!
You made them think I went out and picked a sour lime.
Trot, Trot, Trot!
Flareon, you are red hot!
I speak of you with affection, though,
All your antics make me love you so.
That's why once we got home,
I sat down to write a poem.
"My Little Flareon," it said.
Sounded great in my head,
But as I looked back at you, asleep on my bed,
I said, "No, Sly Flareon. You are the Pyro of the Laurels."
And, that's when your new name stuck, Pyrolaurel.
You are my heat, my burning passion,
My heart beat, and my sense of fashion.
Yes, you are one-of-a-kind.
But, you are my kind.
Partly an act, deep down sincere,
Truely a loving softie, always near.