Pokémon Fan Fiction By BLURSH

Narrator: We last left our heroes leaving the Grand Pokémon Ranch after an exciting day of legendary Pokémon and Mysterious trainers. After Ash helped special Trainer Morgan catch Shadow Lugia, the trainers departed from the farm and back onto the road where Morgan gave Ash a Pokéball with a baby Pokémon inside. And after the eager trainers spent hour of anticipation trying to guess what was in the Pokéball...

"Oh, I just have to see what Pokémon it is! Ités not fair she told me to wait to open it up," Ash complained to Brock, who tried reasoning with him to wait until sunrise tomorrow to open it.

"Come on, Ash you promised Morgan you would wait. You can open it in the morning. Now's the time to help me get our camp ready," Brock replied as he piled two logs atop a bundle of twigs and lit it with a match.

"I'm hungry," Max complained. "Can I eat some of those leftovers?" Brock nodded his head and handed him a mesh bag with food in it.

"Oh, Max, you're always hungry. We just ate at the Ranch not more than four hours ago," May squealed as Max took a huge bite out of bread.

"That was a long time ago. I'm hungry again!" Max mumbled through mouthfuls of food. "Besides this was a really good meal."

Ash looked down at the silver Pokéball and grunted. "Ash! Just put it away. I need your help with this tent," Brock strictly advised Ash. Ash pocketed the Pokéball and got up. He helped Brock put up the green tent and finally placed the sleeping bags inside just as the sky started to grow dark. Nighttime passed over the clearing that the four trainers were in and nothing could be seen except for the glow of the fire that blazed with every log added.

The trainers each ate at different times and did their own thing that night. While Brock focused on reading the map with his flashlight, May played with Skitty. Max crawled into his sleeping bag and fell asleep before the others and Ash sat by the fire for a long time before he went to sleep. Soon, though, before midnight all of the trainers were sleeping soundly in the tent. The only sounds that could be heard outside were the hoots and chatters of the nighttime creatures and the crackle of the smothered fire.

A bush shook. A head popped out and two red eyes glared at the tent. The mysterious creature crawled out of the bush and tiptoed into the tent as quiet as a Pikachu and curled up beside May and Skitty. The shadowy figure closed its eyes and soon was fast asleep, but still unnoticed by the trainers that also occupied the tent.

When the morning sun broke, Ash got up and stretched and departed from the tent without being heard. He didn't look at any of the other trainers but instead was determined that he would find out what was in his present. He walked over to his backpack and reached to get the Pokéball when he heard May scream from inside the tent.

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"Ahhh!!! Help!" She cried and whimpered. This quickly rose everyone to their feet and made Ash run to the tent. Upon opening the flap he saw a darling Zigzagoon with a bright pink bow staring at May and yawning during the commotion. Ash, Brock, and Max looked at May with a raised brow then step forward to pick up the little undisturbed Pokémon. May stopped screaming then looked at the Zigzagoon and blinked twice.

"Oh. It was only a Zigzagoon," She said with a soft voice. Then gave a nervous laugh, realizing that her obnoxious screaming woke everyone up. "What a cute bow!" She beamed.

"May, when did you turn into an Exploud?" Max shouted back at his sister who still hadn't apologized for the ruckus.

"Where did that Zigzagoon come from? It must have an trainer," Brock mused. He pointed to the shiny, pink bow that Zigzagoon wore on its head.

Ash, whose first intention was to leave and check out his silver Pokéball, decided to say in the tent and solve the mystery.

Where did the Pokémon come from? Why would a well-kept Zigzagoon like this one have come in and snuggled up with May in the middle of the night? Was the Pokémon just a runaway or was it abandoned?

Curiosity overcame Ash like always and he reached out and petted the little Zigzagoon. The Pokémon was friendly and let Ash and May pet it.

"Zig! Zigzagoon!" It purred as it received even more attention from Max this time.

"Who's your trainer, Zigzagoon?" May crooned to it and scratched it under the chin.

"First, let's clean the camp up and find our way to a main road. Then we can figure out what to do with the Zigzagoon," Brock suggested.

"Okay!" Everyone responded and got up. The camp was soon cleaned and the tent taken down and everyone was ready to get through the foliage and back to the main road.

On arriving on the main road, Zigzagoon fiercely sniffed the ground.

"Maybe it's trying to track its owner's scent," Ash noted. Zigzagoon instead sniffed the middle of the road and began to dig, unearthing a small yellow bow with blue polka dots on them. "Hey, what's this?" Ash asked just moments before Zigzagoon greedily snatched the bow and tried anchoring it to its head. After the Zigzagoon had put the yellow bow on its head next to the pink bow, it began smelling the road again this time leading it to run up the road. The trainers followed, curious to find out what Zigzagoon smelled. Zigzagoon stopped in front of another bauble, this time a sting of colorful beads. Without hesitation, Zigzagoon picked up the beads and squeezed them onto its head and continued sniffing.

"Odd. Why is Zigzagoon collecting these items? It's not going to help us find its trainer," Brock said to the others as they followed the Zigzagoon, who seemed more of a pack-Ratatta than a lost Pokémon trying to find its trainer.

"Hey, I just thought of something!" May chimed in.

"Well, that's new," Max teased, trying to cover his bubbling laughter.

"Hey! That's rude," May insisted. "I think that maybe that's a wild Zigzagoon that happened to have found a bow and put it on. We could be looking for a trainer that doesn't exist," May continued.

"You're right, May," Brock agreed.

"Wow, you thought of that all by yourself. Impressive." Max sarcastically grinned and avoided May's hand that flung down to hit him over the head.

While May and Max argued, Zigzagoon put its nose in the air and continued its smelling ritual, this time heading for a tree. Ash looked up to the tree where Zigzagoon was trying to climb and noticed a shiny item lodged in the branches. Zigzagoon shimmied up the branches and grabbed the item with its teeth and jumped back down. It was a Pok�ball, one that was beat up and obviously left over from a previous battle that took place here. Zigzagoon dropped the Pok�ball and opened it, checking it to see if there was a Pok�mon inside. It was empty and Zigzagoon handed the Pok�ball to May, who was taken back.

"Why's it giving it to me? Does it want me to catch it or something?" May said, confused by the gesture. The others shrugged their shoulders. Zigzagoon did choose to sleep next to May in the tent and had been by her side since. It did seem to hoard any item it found, so it must want May to catch it if its giving away one of its items. "Umm, I'll catch it! Okay!" She asserted, throwing the Pokéball at Zigzagoon, the fashion diva. She yelled, "Go! Pokéball! Go!" After Zigzagoon was caught inside the Pok�ball, May squealed with delight, "I caught a Zigzagoon! Yeah!" She held the Pokéball out and showed everyone.

"Wow, that was weird. And I thought for sure that it was someone else's Pokémon." Ash said confused by the events and still trying to understand why there was so much litter on the road.

"I caught a Zigzagoon! Yes, yes. Me, me! I caught all by myself! Hahahahaha! Yes, me, yes." May said as she danced to her victory song. Max rolled his eyes.

A few feet ahead of them on the road stood a young woman with ginger and brown colored hair and a purple vest on. She yelled to Ash and the others, "Hey, are you four trying to enter the competition? It's going to begin shortly." She walked closer and Ash noticed that she had a string of pearls around her neck that matched the ones in her hair and on her vest. She was completely color coordinated and seemed to have her makeup match her outfit just perfectly. By her side was a Smoochum with matching pearls around her neck.

"Why, yes. We were just coming to see you and your loveliness, though it can be seen and felt from afar. Are you in this competition? Is it a beauty contest? You'd certainly win, my love. You are as beautiful as the roses of a Roselia- ah-" Brock began wooing the girl, though it was cut short by Max pulling on his hair and dragging him behind Ash.

"Oh, well. Thank you," The woman said awkwardly. "I'm Teaguen and this is my Smoochum, Kiss."

"Hi, Teaguen. I'm Ash and this is Pikachu," Ash introduced himself. He turned to May, Max, and Brock behind him.

"And I'm Max. The dancing fool is my sister, May. And the drooling fool who's in love with you is Brock," Max said to Teaguen while rolling his eyes. Teaguen laughed a little at Max's joke and turned to Ash.

"So, are you on this road to try to get to the Fashion Show?" Teaguen asked, her nervous composure trying to stay cool.

"Fashion Show?" Ash, Brock, May, and Max asked together, each stopping in their tracks with confused looks on their faces.

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Teaguen led them to the fair on the road up ahead and began explaining what was involved with the Fashion Show. "So the trainer and Pokémon are judged by their outfit and how well it looks and coordinates and also how unique it is. If ten people show up with the same outfit, it's most likely not going to impress the judges," she went on. "But, then we have to put on an act, too. By using attacks that coordinate with our theme. My theme is pearls. I plan to use attacks that look like pearls. Fake Tears, Bubble Beam, Ice Ball, and stuff like that. The point isn't powerful attacks but graceful moves that will only make your outfit look more fashionable."

"Can you use more than one Pokémon in the act?" May asked.

"Yes, you can use up to four Pokémon including your lead Pokémon. Mine are Smoochum, Clampearl, Plusle, and Minun. They work well together and attacks coordinate well. And all of them are dressed up to my pearl theme," Teaguen finished explaining as she entered a huge hall in the center of the fair and led them to the back. They passed racks of clothing and drawers of jewelry before finally they were in the dressing room. Plusle, Minun, and Clampearl were already there with big and small pearls strewn elegantly on them. Even Clampearl had extra pearls hanging around its shell.

"This is Charged and Shocked, my Plusle and Minun. Their nicknames are from when and how I caught them," she laughed at her own inside joke and continued, "And that's Pearlie, my Clampearl and my old buddy."

"Wow!" Max said, awed by the extensive array of jewelry laid out on the counter in front of the mirror.

"Oh, aren't they adorable!; May said. Then she noticed a pink bow on the counter that matched the one she found on Zigzagoon. "Hey. That--that bow! It's just like the one on my Zigzagoon."

"Did you say Zigzagoon?" Teaguen questioned. "There was a Zigzagoon that came in here yesterday, sniffing around for treasures. It got off with one of my bows and hairpin."

"Oops," May blundered. She let Zigzagoon out of the Pokéball and Teaguen gasped when she saw the bows and necklace on it. "I just caught it before we met you. It snuck in our tent last night and it already had the pink bow. This morning it found all of the other items on the road."

"It's no doubt that people dropped their clothing and items if they were hurrying to get here. That's so funny, though, that Zigzagoon loves dress up," Teaguen observed.

"Zig! Zigzagoon! Zig!" Zigzagoon agreed.

"Is it too late for me to enter the fashion show, Teaguen? I bet Zigzagoon could help me pick out a good outfit," May said.

"Actually, it's not too late to enter. They're taking last-minute participants right now. You better hurry to the main hall to qualify."

"Okay! That's great," May smiled and turned to Max. "You come with me, Max," Max sighed then agreed and the two ran out of the dressing room to the main hall. Ash took a seat on one of the velvet covered barber chairs.

"So, have you been in the Fashion Show before?" Ash asked, trying to make conversation before May and Max came back.

Before she could answer, Brock chimed in. "I'm sure you'd win every year if you did compete. Unless the judges were blind," Brock leaned over, grinning, his little eyes twinkling.

"Um, well, thank you, but no. I have entered before, but I've never won. I've entered with less Pok�mon and less strategy. This year I have a plan and my Pokémon go well together. I just hope that's enough to win."

The loudspeaker in the corner of the dressing room went off. "Would last minute participants for the Fashion Show please enter the main hall to register now? Pre-registered participants, please check your entrance number for when you will be going on stage. Thank you," The loudspeaker sang then clicked off.

Teaguen looked at the number on the mirror and sighed. "Number 10. I guess I have some time." She wiped her forehead with her hand. Focusing her attention on her hair, she picked up a brush and began to pull it through, loosening the tangles. Then she turned to Ash and Brock. "I'm so nervous. I had been outside taking a walk when I found you. I was trying to calm my tension. Kiss and I are going out of our minds waiting for our slot to appear on the stage. I'm just so afraid I'll mess up," She sighed again and slunk into a chair. Smoochum jumped on her lap and gave her a kiss. She laughed and closed her eyes.

[Theme music for Team Rocket comes in.]

"I wanda why we didn't see dis tree days ago when we was here," Meowth said as Jessie and James walked through the fairgrounds, eyeing cotton candy and popcorn.

"Oh, I wish we had some money to buy some food," James groaned.

"Well, if we didn't spend it all on your stupid robot idea, then we would have some money," Jessie said, disgusted. "It was your idea, too, Jess. And who's the one who had to get her hair done last week, hmm?" James accused.

"James, that was you," Jessie said. She squinted to see through a window into an auditorium.

"Oh. Well, whatever!" James whined.

"Oh, wat's dis? A Fashion Show. Oo, pwize money, too," Meowth said as he read the words off of a colorful flyer that was taped to the wall.

"What! Let me see that. If anyone's entering a Fashion Show, it's me," Jessie ripped the poster off of the wall and read it. The loudspeaker called for last minute entrees once again and Jessie sped to the main hall, leaving Meowth and James covered in a dirt cloud. They coughed and slowly followed Jessie into the building.

When James and Meowth caught up with Jessie, she was at the counter filling out forms. Meowth and James stood over to the side and stayed out of sight. Their eyes searched the floor and then a voice caught their attention.

"No, May that's 16 not 91. Number 16. You're holding it the wrong way!" James and Meowth heard Max say. Their eyes' gaze glided over to the door where they saw May and Max heading out of the door with sheets of paper in their hand.

"Hey, ain't dat two a da twoips?" Meowth asked James.

"Mm-hmm. They're entering the Fashion Show, too, it looks like," James turned back to Meowth.

"Does dis mean dat we gotta cheat?" Meowth asked.

"Don't we always," James said and then the two of them turned to Jessie who was starting to walk away without them. They hurried to catch up with her as she walked into her assigned dressing room.

Back at Teaguen's dressing room, Smoochum was putting the last finishing touches of make-up on the other Pokémon when May and Max returned.

"Well, I have my own dressing room across the hall. I'm number 91!" May said. "That means I'm only four short of 100," She announced to Ash, Brock, and Teaguen.

"No, May. You're number 16, like I said before. And 91 is nine less than 100, not four less," Max corrected his sister while fixing his glasses. "Can you count?" Max murmured.

"Okay, well, I guess Ash and I will go out into the stands to wait for the show to start," Brock remarked to Teaguen and May.

"Hey, wait for me to come! I don't want to get stuck here with all this make-up," Max shouted as he ran out of the dressing room with Ash and Brock.

Out in the auditorium, Ash, Brock, and Max sat on red seats that were facing the stage floor that was decorated with glitter and ribbons. A large banner that said "Karacer's Annual Fashion Show" hung on the wall opposite to the seats. A judge table and podium sat on the carpeted stage floor.

"Who's Karacer?" Max asked.

"He owns the mansion on the edge of town," A female voice from behind them burst in to answer the question. The three turned around and faced a brown-haired girl with a blue dress. "Oh, I'm sorry. I don't mean to intrude. I'm Kira Rose. I couldn't help but hear you. Is a friend of yours in the show?" The girl asked Ash and friends.

"Yes, our friend, May, is in the contest. I'm Ash." Ash stood up and turned around to face her. He extended his hand to her.

Brock and Max stood up and shook her hand and introduced themselves to her. "I'm here to watch my older sister, Teaguen. I just came to town this morning. I'm going to surprise her! She wasn't expecting me to come to the show to watch her," Kira Rose said, her words colliding into each other with excitement.

"Teaguen!!!" Ash, Brock, and Max exclaimed.

"Yes, do you know her?" Kira asked.

"Yeah, we met her today. Not too long ago we were talking to her. She's really nervous about the show," Ash blurted out.

"It doesn't surprise me. She was nervous last year when she entered the contest," Kira admitted. "Maybe I should go check on her. Hmm, perhaps it would help to calm her," Kira pondered. "Well, I'm going to go find her. Nice meeting you! Ash. Brock. Max. I'll see you before the show starts. Bye!" Kira energetically scampered down the steps of the stands to go find her sister.

"Well, she was nice. She looks a lot like her sister," Brock observed, taking another look at the program of the Fashion Show.

Across the aisle and two rows from the top of the auditorium, James and Meowth sat looking at the program and hummed a tune. Meowth looked up from above his program and noticed Ash and friends. James put the program down and arched his head forward to see the back of Ash and co's heads.

In the dressing room in the back the contestants got ready and walked to the waiting hall. The judges and announcer got to their places and music and horns began playing. The crowds cheered and some people even gave a standing ovation as the participants walked out and waved. Among them was Teaguen and May. Teaguen and Smoochum looked shiny with pearls and purple lace. May was dressed up with pink bows and colorful translucent beads. By May's side was Zigzagoon who was also dressed up. The participants walked out and circled the ring with their lead Pokémon and then walked back to the waiting hall in the back.

Kira Rose jogged back up the steps of the bleachers and squeezed through the row where Ash was. She smiled at them at sat down next to Max. They looked forward at the judge who was announcing the first contestant.

A young girl with curly red hair and a velvet eggplant-colored cape and a Gligar came out. Both Pokémon and trainer were decorated with velvet and black bows. Gligar used a Shadow Ball attack and then used Air Cutter, which caused the Shadow Ball to create a black foggy mist. Then, Glidgar flew around in circles and landed on its trainer's head. The girl bowed. The crowd cheered loud and the contestant and her Pokémon went to the back as the next trainer came out.

"I'm nervous still. I saw my little sister before we first walked out. She's so energetic, though. I don't have that much energy," Teaguen sighed. She looked at May, who was nodding and agreeing. Teaguen wasn't sure that May understood, though. May keep peaking out of the curtains and couldn't wait for them to call her number. May was excited to make her debut; Teaguen was trying to put it off.

"You'll do fine. You and Kiss are ready for anything. Just wait until the second round! Your team is going to be tough to beat," May said, smiling. �Just do the best that you can do.�

"Right. Promise to stay friends no matter who wins?" Teaguen sparkled, holding her hand out to May. May nodded and winked. May turned her head again to see what number contestant they were on.

"Number 9. Your next, Teaguen," May cheerily chirped to Teaguen, patting her on the shoulder. "You're gonna do great!" May smiled as Teaguen took a deep breath and walked out of the curtains, passing Contestant Number 9 who was a short, young girl with freckles and pink hair. The girl skipped to the back with her Poochyena. Teaguen looked back once more and then surged forward with confidence.

The announcer broadcasted Teaguen and Smoochum's entrance. "And now, Teaguen Rose, Contestant Number 10 with her Smoochum," The announcer paused and let the team walk forward and wave.

Teaguen instructed Smoochum with some hand movements and Smoochum used Ice Ball and Sweet Kiss while dancing a jig with her feet. Teaguen coordinated with her Pok�mon by imitating Smoochum's dance and attacks. When Smoochum was done, Teaguen blew a kiss to the audience and waved. The crowd got up and cheered loudly. Teaguen could especially hear Kira and Ash whistling and cheering. Her cheeks blushed as she began walking to the back behind the curtains.

She heard the announcer critique her work. "Excellent Job from Teaguen and her Smoochum, Kiss. With exquisite taste in clothing and attacks, that team will be hard to beat. Thank you, Teaguen. Now Contestant Number 11, Josanna and her Smeargle."

"Good job, Kiss! We did it!" Teaguen exclaimed to her Smoochum as she reached May in the back.

"You both did it! I saw it from the TV screen. I'm going to have a hard time beating that," May encouraged.

"Thanks, May. You'll do just fine, though," Teaguen said. She took a seat on one of the barber chairs and wiped her forehead with a white handkerchief.

In the auditorium, Kira told Ash how good Teaguen did. And Max sat on the edge of his seat waiting for May to come out.

"She did better than I thought she would. She's never tried coordinating her moves with her Pokémon before. No one has. Most Trainers will just have their Pokémon do all the work. I think she'll be going into the second round!" Kira said to Ash as Contestant Number 13 was doing a ribbon and streamer act.

"Yeah, she did great!" Ash agreed.

"I hope May remembers that she's 16, not 91!" Max said in a frustrated tone, though he truly cared about his sister doing a good job.

"So Jessie's numba 17, huh?" Meowth asked James who was playing cat's cradle with him.

"Mmm-huh. Yes. She's going out on the stage right after that twerp-y, whiny girl," James answered and pinched two middle strings to keep the cat's cradle going. "Should we go in the back now?"

Meowth looked up from the looped string. "Uh, yeah, I guess," They threw the string on the floor and crept down the aisle with their disguises on.

Ash and friends didn't even notice them as they walked by with their white and red vender outfits on. James wore glasses and a white hat. Meowth wore a similar outfit and carried a box of peanuts and popcorn. The two finally got to the bottom step and scurried along the floor to the door and ran inside, spilling popcorn and peanuts on the ground.

Finally, it was May's turn to make her showing. She smiled and waved as she and Zigzagoon walked out onto the stage. Max cheered loudly. Kira whistled when she realized who May was. May stood in the center of the stage and took a string of beads out of her pocket and threw them in the air. Zigzagoon ran and jumped, scratching them and causing beads to shatter. Then, Zigzagoon used Ice Beam to freeze the beads in mid-air and whipped them around with Tail Whip.

"When did Zigzagoon learn Ice Beam?" Max asked to Ash during the middle of May performance.

"Maybe, it already knew that attack before she caught it," Ash replied, shrugging his shoulders. May then collected all of the large frozen beads and threw them to Zigzagoon, one at a time, and it began to juggle them. The crowd "ooh"-ed and "ahh"-ed as May juggled with the rest of the beads.

"When did May learn to juggle?" Brock whispered to Max.

"I taught her last week, but with Oran Berries. I'm surprised she remembered," Max retorted. He was surprised to see that one of the things that he showed his older sister had stuck with her, but also secretly impressed. "She's doing really well."

May ended her performance and skipped into the back as the announcer exclaimed how well her act and outfit was. May went over to Teaguen and Smoochum and smiled with her cheeks flushed.

"That was incredible, May! I never thought to do a juggling act. Where did you learn to juggle so well?" Teaguen praised.

"My little brother taught me. He teaches me a lot of things, but I usually forget them. He'll be proud that I remembered how to juggle." May smiled and reached for a tissue to wipe the sweat from her brow. She looked up at the television screen that showed the stage floor and saw a woman with a mask enter the floor with her Dustox. In her hand was a pile of old CD's. "Who's that?" May asked. The announcer could be heard making an announcement as the woman threw the disks in the air and shouted to her Pokémon.

"And now Essej and her Dustox, Contestant Number 17, first time competitors." The announcer said.

Out on the stage floor, Jessie and her Dustox flung into action just as the announcer was trying to finish introducing them.

"Dustox, Confusion," She calmly asserted. Pretending to be Essej behind a colorful, glittered mask, Jessie signaled to James and Meowth who were holding onto rafters on the ceiling. "Now!" She cried, hoping the audience would think she was talking to Dustox. Meowth and James let go of the big sheet they were holding and glitter fell everywhere. Dustox held the disks with Confusion and then twirled them around as Essej, a.k.a. Jessie, twirled around. The sheet fell on her and Dustox. The disks fell to the floor and spun like tops.

"Impressive!" some in the audience cooed. Others clapped. Ash and Kira muttered to each other about how good the act was.

Then the sheet was lifted and Jessie had changed her outfit and Pokémon to a silky costume and a Seviper. Jessie cooed and the audience cheered. She began to walk to the back stage and handed the judges a rose before going behind the curtains.

"Wow! That was amazing!" May said to Teaguen in the back room.

"Yeah, sure was. But there's something strange about it," Teaguen answered.

(Commercial Break)

"What do you mean?" May questioned.

"Well, it's kind of against the rules to switch Pokémon and outfits in the first round, though it is completely legal in the second round. Where did the glitter come from?" Teaguen questioned, she looked at the television screen and squinted with scrutiny.

"Oh, well. The judges will catch if there is any cheating," May determined. "So, who's your sister?"

"Oh, Kira? She was sitting next to Max. The girl in the blue dress," Teaguen explained. "I was actually surprised to see her in a dress. She's such a tomboyish girl. Always going around in those blue jeans and red shirt. Oh, sure, she wears that nice blue sport jacket, but that is not exactly fancy," Teaguen laughed. "Oh, well. I'm glad she got dressed up to come visit me. When we were growing up in Johto, she always adamantly refused to let me dress her up." A wistful laugh escaped her lips as she thought back to her sister.

"I didn't know you were from Johto. When did you move here?" May asked.

"Well, my mother and Kira moved to Hoenn long before I did. I decided to travel though Johto for a while before I moved. I caught my Smoochum and started my journey as a trainer around the same time I heard from my sister. She wrote me a letter about how she was doing in Hoenn, the changes, the people, and stuff like that. I felt homesick, though. Our old house was already sold, I was living out of my sleeping bag, and Kira was half across the world, it seemed. So, I traveled a long time in Johto, working up the courage to come to Hoenn. When I came, I caught Pearlie and me and my two Pokémon came to find Kira," Teaguen stopped herself for a second, as if a putrid taste entered her mouth. "Well, a lot of stuff happened in between. But, I finally decided I wanted to stay in this town, Greenridge. I caught Plusle and Minun last year and have been training with them ever since," Teaguen looked in to May's eyes. Her eyes seemed so innocent and so trusting. Teaguen opened her mouth to say something but then stopped.

"Well, you've done a lot by yourself. I don't know how I would ever survive if I were on my Pokémon journey without Max, Ash, and Brock. It is hard enough leaving family behind. Then being by yourself? You must be really brave, huh?" May concluded.

"Yeah. It sure is hard," Teaguen agreed then refocused her attention to her outfit. She smoothed out the ripples on her dress and stood up. "Time to hear who's going into the second round."

Ash, Brock, Max, and Kira sat tensely in the audience, tentatively listening to the judge call out the numbers of those who would be going into the second round. Then it happened. They heard numbers 10 and 16! They all stood up and cheered. Teaguen and May, who were still in the back, jumped into the air and cheered "hooray!"

"We did it! We are going to compete together in the second round," May cheered. "See, I told you that you'd make it!"

"I guess you did!" Teaguen said. She turned to her Pokémon. "Are you guys ready for the second round?" Smoochum, Clampearl, Plusle and Minun cried affirmations and Teaguen wiped a tear out of her eye.

Out of the stage floor now were the only four trainers left: Teaguen, May, Jessie, and Contestant Number 18, a girl named Coral Lynn and her water Pokémon. May stood ready for the battle of Fashion with Zigzagoon, Beautifly, Skitty, and Combusken. Teaguen's pose remained unbroken as her team stood and waited for the judge to say "go." Jessie, oops, I mean, Essej waited with Seviper and Dustox, her only two competing Pokémon. And the water Pokémon trainer held her place with a Kingdra, Mantine, Horsea, and Milotic. Coral Lynn's Pokémon were much larger than the others (with the exception of Horsea, at her lead) and occupied the pool that was placed in the center stage for the second round.

"Are all trainers set? If you are ready please take your places. GO!" The announcer yelled and at once Teaguen used hand motions to instruct her Pokémon. May's choreography was already set, and she simply worked with the act she had her Pokémon do. They moved left and right tossing beads to each other and juggling, even throwing them to May in between. May kept her cool and looked into the audience to see her brother smiling at her. She winked at him.

Max cupped his hands to his mouth and yelled, "You're doing great May! You're gonna win this!" She smiled at his comment and then caught sight of Kira who was intensely watching her sister dance with her Pokémon. May looked at Teaguen, who was across the stage, and noticed how beautiful her outfit looked. Then a bead hit May's head.

"Ow!" She squealed and looked at Skitty who had thrown the bead. May picked it up and started juggling. Skitty used Blizzard at the ceiling and Combusken used Flamethrower at the snow. It melted and showered Beautifly, who dried the ground with gust. It was all going well for Teaguen and May.

Jessie and Coral Lynn kept trying to out do each other, though. Coral Lynn's blue glitter outfit shimmered when she asked her Pokémon to perform a water attack. Glitter shined as Jessie instructed her Pokémon to do any attack. A mysterious rose fell from the ceiling every time Dustox created a distraction, like a dust cloud, that was followed by Jessie's outfit change. Coral Lynn didn't move a muscle during the performance, but instead watched her Pokémon's beautiful grace.

A bell chimed and that meant the second round was over. The judges would tally up the points to determine the winner. The four contestants had all their Pokémon, except for their lead, return to their Pokéballs and waited by the end of the stage.

"We have an announcement! Our judges have found reason to believe that Contestant Number 17 had used an outside influence to aid in her performance. Essej will be disqualified," The Announcer somberly replied.

"What!" Jessie shouted. "I did not cheat!" She yelled and stomped her foot. Her silky mask fell off her face. Ash, Brock, May, and Max gasped. "It's Team Rocket!" They shouted.

"It is not." Jessie stuck out her tongue. May's Zigzagoon jumped up and bit Jessie's costume, causing it to fall off and reveal her Team Rocket outfit underneath. The audience gasped.

"Doesn't change a thing. Essej, you and your Pokémon are disqualified," The announcer exclaimed and shook his head. "Plus, outfit and Pokémon changes are not allowed in the first round. Please exit the stage."

"NO! I will not! It's been my life long dream to win a Beauty Show, a Fashion Show, a show like this. I will not be kicked out," She laughed and signaled to James and Meowth, who were still holding onto the ceilings rafters. "without a fight."

James and Meowth dramatically fell from the ceiling and bagged Zigzagoon, Smoochum, and Horsea in a net. Jessie walked over to join them.

"No! Kiss!" Teaguen cried.

"Zigzagoon!" May yelled.

"How dare you try to take my Horsea!" Coral Lynn angrily shouted. She balled up her fists.

"Hey!!! You bullies can't do that!" Kira stood up in the audience and shouted. She threw her Pok'ball and out came a Blastoise. She pulled off her dress with a disgusted grunt to reveal her faded blue jean and tie dye red tee shirt underneath. "Go get those thieves!" She commanded, and her Blastoise responded with a load roar.

"Ha, Ha, Ha! Not so fast, squirt!" She slyly smiled. "James!" she yelled. James pressed a button on the remote control he took out of his pocket. The ceiling opened up and down came Team Rocket's giant Meowth balloon. The three jumped into it and tied the three struggling Pokémon to the side. "Na, na, na, na, na, na!" Jessie pulled her bottom eyelid down with her finger and stuck out her tongue in a mocking way. Meowth pressed a button on the balloon and it rocketed away with more speed than ever before.

"No! They're getting away!" Teaguen cried. She caught sight of Blastoise and smiled. "My Squirtle!" She whispered to herself.

"Don't worry, sis," Kira said as she reached the stage floor with Ash and friends.

"We'll go after Team Rocket. I'd feel better if Max and Brock stayed with my Pokémon, though," Teaguen said.

"What! And miss out on the fun," Max whined.

"Pearlie, Charged, and Shocked are all dressed up and won't help in battle. Plus, I never really raised then for battle. I'm afraid they might get hurt if I brought them. I have my backup Pokémon with me; that's all I need,é Teaguen held the "backup Pokémon's" Pokéball tight in her fists.

"Fine. We'll stay here and watch over your other three Pokémon," Brock answered. "But be careful," Brock advised. Teaguen nodded.

By this time, though, the balloon was way out of sight and Teaguen, Kira, Coral Lynn, May, and Ash had to run hard to catch up. The balloon flew right into a field west of Greenridge and led the tired trainers to run through a swamp to get there. Kira offered May and Teaguen a ride on the back of her Blastoise to get through the mud pond. Coral Lynn let Ash ride with her on her Kingdra. Kingdra seemed to have a difficult time navigating through the muck, though. When the five had finally reached the field where the balloon was, they found Team Rocket laying asleep on the side of the balloon. Smoochum, Zigzagoon, and Horsea were free and looking at Team Rocket as they snored.

"What happened? I expected that we would have to battle those thugs in order to get the Pokémon back. Here they are taking a nap! What's wrong with this picture?" Kira cried, disappointed that she would miss out on a battle.

"Oh, I know what happened," Teaguen laughed. "Sweet Kiss. My Kiss used Sweet Kiss and made them fall asleep."

"What?!?" Everyone, except Coral Lynn, asked.

"It's an attack that puts the opponent in a daze and puts them to sleep. Pokémon like Jynx and Smoochum can learn the attack," Coral Lynn answered, her face straight and tight. She ran over to her Horsea and hugged it, finally letting her guard down.

"So your Smoochum saved our Pok'mon? Thank you," May said.

"She sure did," Kira smiled proudly.

Back at the Contest Hall, five trainers returned and took their places. Ash and Kira found their seats next to Max and Brock. The announcer got back up to the stage and briefly explained what had happened. "So, you see, we all should give Teaguen's Smoochum a hand," He summarized. The crowd cheered. When they quieted down, the judge got ready to announce the winner of the Fashion Show. "And, the winner is..." The crowd drew closer to the edge of their seat in anticipation.

"The winner is.... Oh, my. The judges declared it a two-way tie. Teaguen and May win the Ribbon," The announcer looked back at the judges confused. One of the judges came forward to explain the reason for the decision.

"It came to our attention that both Teaguen and May worked with their Pokémon to make their act work. Both had exquisite choices in outfit design and both followed the rules. I hope you're not disappointed that two people won," The female judge turned to May and Teaguen who gave out a burst of laughter. The judge motioned for both to come to the microphone.

"I'm just glad it's over!" Teaguen said and the audience laughed. The judge placed a ribbon on May and Teaguen and put one on Smoochum and Zigzagoon.

After the show, Kira met up with her sister outside. Ash, Brock, and Max congratulated May on her win and Max gave her an unexpected small hug.

"What's that for?" May asked.

"For being my sister.... And not embarrassing yourself at the show!" Max replied. May swatted at his head but missed.

North of Greenridge was Shicropolis City, a large city that was mainly occupied by old Mansions. On the edge of Greenridge and Shicropolis was Karacer's Mansion, the one that Kira had told Ash about. Ash and friends were eager to check the place out. So Kira and Teaguen led Ash and friends to the edge of town right before Karacer's Mansion and started saying their farewells.

"It was sooo nice meeting you guys. I know we didn't get to spend a lot of time together, but maybe we'll meet up again someday." Kira babbled to Ash. "I'd love to see all of your Pokémon sometime. I love meeting new trainers and their Pokémon. It's so much fun, you know."

"Yes, we know, Kira," Teaguen cut her off. She turned to May. "Now, you take care of that trouble-making Zigzagoon."

"I will. Thanks for helping me before the show started," May said. "I was more nervous than you think."

"Really? I was almost positive that I was the nervous wreck. I should be thanking you," Teaguen smiled and gave May a hug. "We'll meet again, though. Oh, I'm positive we'll meet again."

"Hey! I don't mean to change the subject or anything, but did you check that Pokéball yet, Ash?" Max shouted over the girl's loudly chatting. Ash's eyes got big.

"You're right! I never did," Ash answered. Kira and Teaguen paused their chatter and looked at Ash in surprise, waiting for an explanation. He turned to the two sisters and explained, "I met this trainer yesterday, and she gave me a Pokéball with a baby Pokémon inside, but she never told me what it was. And she said I had to wait until today to find out what it was. I got so side tracked that I almost forgot," He explained. Then he pulled the silver Pokéball out of his pocket. "Well. Here goes!"

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Ash threw the Pokéball to open it and out came a sleeping Abra.

"An Abra!" Brock, Max, and May shouted.

"I never would have guessed!" Max exclaimed.

"Well, it makes sense. She loves Psychic Pokémon and she said it was sleeping. Abraés sleep almost twenty hours a day," Brock informed them.

"Aww, it's so cute!" May giggled.

"An Abra is a difficult Pokémon to train. She must think very highly of you to think you could master that Pokémon," Teaguen said, impressed. "May I ask what this trainer's name is?"

"Morgan. She owns the Ranch about fifteen miles south of here," Ash answered her.

"Famous Master Morgan!" Kira and Teaguen shouted together.

"I can't believe she gave you a Pokémon. She must really have liked you. All of her Pokémon at the Ranch are more highly advanced than normal Pokémon. You'll have a seriously tough Abra when you're done training it," Teaguen explained.

"I hear that she only gives away her special Psychic Pokémon to Trainers that she sees can harness the power of telepathy," Kira gossiped.

"Well, I don't have that power. But, I am really close to my Pokémon, and Abra won't be an exception," Ash exclaimed as he picked up Abra. The Pokémon barely stirred.

The trainers departed from that sight saying goodbye and waving. Ash proudly held Abra in his arms and May held Zigzagoon in hers. They walked up the steps of Karacer's Mansion and sighed. They would stay in one of the Mansion's rooms for the night and tomorrow take the tour. Each trainer let out a satisfied sigh as they entered the doors.

But... Over in the field, Team Rocket still was snoozing. Along came Jigglypuff and a black marker. And well, you know the rest. Sweet Dreams, Team Rocket!


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