The term "Making Waves" can have a positive or negative connotation, depending on who you're talking to. It can either mean "create a significant impression" or "cause trouble." Similarly, math numbers can go up or down, be even or odd, be positive or negative. Have fun figuring out these math puzzles and riddles while you too make waves.

A Pokémon Center is the shape of a rectangular prism. The length is 15 ft. The width is 10 ft. The height is 8 ft. What is the area of the Pokémon Center?

*Hint:Sq A=2(lxw)+2(lxh)+2(wxh)*

Follow this pattern:

mimikyu swirlix mimikyu cufant mimikyu mimikyu cufant mimikyu swirlix mimikyu mimikyu swirlix mimikyu cufant

What 4 Pokemon come next?

In a dark forest, you're attacked by 6 Caterpie level 6! They each shoot an attack at your level 5 starter; an attack that does 2 damage each. You started with 19 HP. How much health are you left with?

You go to the Mart and purchase 3 Potions for $1.56. How much would it cost to buy 17 potions?

You just caught a Wailord. In order to care for it in the proper space you need to do some renovating. It is 47 feet 7 inches, and it requires 12 feet per square feet if its space. How much space will you need to properly house your newly caught Wailord (when it's not in its Pokeball, that is?)

(Hint: 7 inches as a decimal is 0.583.)

Pokemon Breeder Carla has 3 Minun and 7 Plusle and 2 Dittos. Each Minun lays 4 eggs. Each Plusle lays 3 eggs. She decides to keep 1/2 of the Minun eggs and 1/3 of the Plusle eggs, and she gives the rest away.

1. How many eggs in total?
2. How many Minun eggs does she keep?
3. How many Plusle eggs does she keep?
4. How many more Plusle eggs than Minun are kept?
5. How many eggs does she give away?

As a dragon-type trainer, you do a lot of travelling. You comfortably travel 117 miles on your Dragonite in 2.25 hours across a region. What's the average speed you're travelling?

A trainer has 24 Pokemon. She loves Audino, and 1/3 of her Pokemon are Audino. Half of the Audino are shiny. How many Audino does she have?


= 5 Pokeballs
= 10 Greatballs
= 15 Ultraballs
(Every 10 balls, a Premier Ball is thrown in for free.)

1. How many Pokeballs are there in total?
2. How many Greatballs are there in total?
3. How many Ultraballs are there in total?
4. How many Premier balls are there altogether?
5. How many more Ultraballs are there than regular Pokeballs?
6. How many different Pokeballs are there altogether?

If sableye + sableye + sableye = 36
And sableye + applin + applin = 28
And applin - bellossom = 3
Then what IS sableye= ???
And what IS applin= ???
And what IS bellossom= ???

If pokeballs are $0.12 a dozen, how many pokeballs can you get for a $1.00?

If charmanderx charmander x charmander = 8
And charmander x charmander x meowth = 12
So then... meowth x 2 dedenne = 12
What IS ???
meowth + charmander x 1 dedenne = ???

If hippopotas + 7 + gastly = litwick
And... 5 + hippopotas x hippopotas   =   14
And then gastly + hippopotas - 6   =   6
So then gastly + litwick + gastly = rotom
And finally gastly + rotom - litwick =   ???
Then what IS=???

A trainer has 25 Wooloo and all but 7 wander off. How many are left?

If ditto + ditto = 20
And ditto + ditto + ditto = 30
Then... milcery + ditto + ditto = 22
And haunter + milcery + haunter = 16
Then, what IS ???
haunter x (milcery + milcery) + (ditto + ditto) = ???